Welcome to the YEG Global migration consultancy services. Foreign countries have a highly complex and legalistic visa system that requires applications to be prepared carefully in accordance with the legislation. The consultants of our firm are registered migration agents under Australian Government Legislation. Keen on skilled migration to Australia or other foreign countries? If so, we can help you maximize your chances of migrating to your dream country.

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Why YEG Global


We as a responsible Australian migration services provider facilitate processing of Student Visas, GSM (General Skilled Migration) Visas, Employer Sponsored Visas, Partner Visas, Parent Visas, Visitor Visas, and Other Family Visas.


YEG Global (Yogi Education Group) was founded in 2007 with an endeavour to offer the best and finest Educational & Migration services to clients both within and outside of Australia.

Why YEG Global


YEG Global (Yogi Education Group) offers education and career consultancy services to a global clientele. Under our education services umbrella, we offer career counselling, admission guidance and admission assistance for education courses in Australia. We are associated with the leading and highly reputed colleges and universities in Australia. We aim to provide a global platform to the ambitious students and help them choose the right career path for a bright future. We deal in

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  • Temporary Visa – 489: I am grateful I came across YEG GLOBAL as I was able to lodge and acquire my Visas smoothly.

    TRUST is something YEG believes in and trust is what I was looking for in my Visa Counselor as taking such BIG DECISIONS which would impact your life in a huge way and especially when you are spending a sumptuous amount for visa processing. YEG helped me run through the entire process very EFFICIENTLY.~Ankush Kaushal

  • Visitor Visa – 600: THANK YOU SO MUCH YEG GLOBAL!

    I am thankful to YEG for providing detailed information about my Visitor Visa application as well as for stopping me from making common mistakes a layman would commit which would impact his / her future visa application processes.~Stanley Francis

  • Visa 500: Being a student in a foreign land for the first time in my life was the biggest challenge and adventure for me. Although, having the guidance of an experienced Visa Consulting firm has only made life more joyful and easy for me.

    YEG GLOBAL has been a constant silver lining in my Student Visa application process as well as getting admissions in my desired University with no hassle of application involved. These folks are well equipped with very good and understanding staffs who would guide you through the entire admission and visa process and make it look like a cake walk for you.~Kerri Anne

  • Visa 489 – Partner Visa– Temporary Residency: I am thoroughly satisfied with YEG GLOBAL's Visa services as counselors in YEG guided me with each and every aspect of my VISA PROCESSING. They initially counselled me so that I can take decisions based on my priority and requirement. Later they processed my visa with absolute no hassle and updated me with every step of the visa processing. ~Nishant

  • Permanent Residency Visa: It is always a satisfying experience when someone is there to answer all your queries and doubts. YEG GLOBAL has advised me aptly with all my VISA PROCEDURES till date. Their way of functioning is subtle and smooth. I am glad I had my visa processed with a good reputable visa consultant. ~AJ


  • Migration: YEG Australia helped me achieve my dream of migrating to Australia for not only a better study but also for a better prosperous career & life. Thanks a ton YEG Australia. ~Shawn Dan Smith

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